You Can’t Trust Gold But You Believe In Bitcoin

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When I tell some of my friends or clients that Gold one day will sky-rocket to at least $6000, they either ignore me or make some stupid derogatory comments. But when you asked them to read the following Bitcoin’s chart, they believe it and they would say ‘should have got in’ 5 years ago.

Bitcoin has gone up from around 5 cents to current price of $272 which is about 544,000 times incredible return since the listing about 5 years ago. Probably, Bitcoin is the greatest bubble asset (an asset?) in the history of financial market

So, what is a Bitcoin? Read the link here


 Can you trust this stupid and highly manipulated unknown digital currency? If you can trust this Bitcoin, then why you ignore the real currency-Gold and Silver

Mark my word: A time will come when Gold and Silver will shoot through the roof and all the way to the Moon (LOL). And, you will say’ Should have bought at least some in 2013’


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