Why Silver? The Greatest Opportunity!

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Silver probably is the cheapest industrial metal. There are many fundamental reasons behind why you must buy Silver. I believe the following key factors will propel Silver price to the moon in the next 2 years:


1. Supply-demand equation is heavily out of balance. Silver has the following unique properties that cannot be substituted for other metals.
(i) Silver conducts heat and electricity better than any other metal.
(ii) Silver probably is the best reflectors to be used in most solar panel. Because of its special properties, they are widely used and in great demand in most of the industries. The Silver Institute recently reported that silver consumption has outpaced silver production by an average of 1 BILLION ounces each year.
2. Little discoveries in the last 15 years.
3. Silver is money
4. Silver price is the most heavily manipulated (suppressed downward). But it will come a point when it will snap back like a compressed spring
5. China is buying up more silver.

And last but not the least, look at the 324 years of Gold Silver Ratio. The long term mean ratio is 16. Today, the ratio is about 65. If based on long term mean ratio, Silver should be priced at $80 today. If gold rises to $2600 and based on the long term mean ratio, silver will sky-rocket to $162 per ounce.

The charts never lie.20140421b

Based on the current gold to silver ratio, silver is now dirt cheap compared with gold.


Is it the time to buy Silver now? I suggest you to follow my update via my subscription and actionable investment ideas and tips available only in our paid-for subscription newsletter. Big money is made by getting the primary trend right and sit tight – Jesse Livermore

“To get a grip on how the silver supply has been depleted, remember that the US government owned five billion ounces at the inception of the Second World War Today they no longer own any silver, and must purchase silver in the open market to feed the coin program of the US mint. The available silver from mining and recycling each year is barely keeping up with demand. Not only has production been curtailed because of the low price, but few substitutes for silver have been found by industrial users. They haven't bothered to look very hard, because silver was cheap and available. In fact, they have rapidly expanded the number of uses for this miraculous metal.” James Cook, Investment Rarities.

"If you put a gun to my head and said you had to buy one, I would buy silver rather than gold."-Jim Rogers

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”.-Albert Einstein

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