Which Gold and Silver Stocks to buy when Time come?

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Trust me, Gold and Silver Stocks have not bottomed. We can buy cheaper sometimes next year.

Gold and Silver stocks are 100% correlated to the spot gold and silver prices. But they could bottom one month earlier than the price of gold and silver.

As being shown to you many times in the past, we are yet to see the ‘flush-out’ in gold. Gold-bugs don’t get too excited yet.

So, when time come, which gold and silver stocks are the best to buy? I have a few selected gold and silver stocks in my list that might give you a few times return easily.

Let’s see the GDX chart first before we look into one of my favourite silver stock.

Click the charts below to see clearer.



Which Silver stock is a better play when Time come?

GPL is an emerging company which grows a lot faster a bit beyond expectation and is growing faster than big companies likes NEM. GPL is completely debt free.


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