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Aussie’s commodity economy generally can be used as a guide to determine how great/bad the global economy as they go forward. As I keep on saying, global economic situation is not really getting better as all are artificially pumped up by stupid stimulus measures which are not sustainable. It may look ‘bright’ at the moment but soon by 2016/7; we will need to go through a new economic storm which is far more violent and worse than 2007/2008 GFC.

We are close to the start of an economic Depression when all liquidity starts to dry up. That is what technical analysis and Cycle Timing is telling us. So, starts to count down the clock running into 2016/7.

The following report from Aussie front is a good indication of what will happen to the economic situation in 2016/2017 towards 2023.

THE number of construction jobs in the resources sector will slump as much as 90pc by 2018, an Aussie’s government report has found.
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French economy struggles as Germany strides ahead.
Unbalanced economy among Euro nations is also tell us something is rotten in the background that most people may not be able to see. Read more here:


What about China? PMI slips…

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