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Monthly chart is telling us that Gold has more downside pressure. USD is still very bullish.
When and where is the absolute bottom in term of Time and Price? I strongly suggest you give a try to my newsletter to find out.
Charts below


I love gold and Silver but I am a market timer who will buy when price and time is right. I also sell when it is time to short sell. That is how you make money eliminating the major risks and get the desired results.

Follow the trend direction in terms of time and price to get the best return is the best approach unlike prominent gold bulls who have gotten completely wrong asking investors to buy all the way down from $1920. Their outrageous statements of price going up to $5000 in the current time, almost completely detached from reality in term of price and time and even fundamentals.



Currently, all the Big banks like Goldman Sachs, ABN Amro etc are rushing out negative reports about Gold dropping below $1000.00 and some of them even start predicting $600. Do you believe them? You better don’t…

Follow me, I will give you my forecasts (& buy and sell signals) which have been uncannily accurate and on the money since I start publishing my blogs in 2013.

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