Top 5 Reasons to Buy Gold & Silver

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Never says Never Gold will not go through the roof like Bit coin. If you like Bit coin, then you should trust and love Gold and Silver even more because they are at least something precious that you can see and touch. Not only that, they are also an excellent hedge against the dirty works of the political leaders who mess up the world financial system.

Bit coin price has gone up from 0.05 to the current price of $312, a ridiculous increase of 624,000 times in a short time space of only 5 years. Th expert, Fortress’s Novogratz says bit coin’s mega rise is only in ‘inning 3 of a 9 inning game’

Where are they now in Gold and Silver’s inning? Gold and silver has not even started the BIG GAME yet. It is Time to find out why you should buy gold and silver and most importantly when and how to buy.

Have you ever imagined how you can reap big profits if Gold and Silver sky-rocket to $6000 or higher in the next few years. Are you shocked if I say it may sky-rocket to $12000 or higher? Why should you be shocked by the predicted gold rise if you believe in Bit Coin’s mega rise as mentioned above.

Top 5 BIG Reasons why you consider Gold and Silver in your portfolio

1. No government in history has ever survived any ‘sovereign debt crises. Can governments do wonder to permanently hide or suppress the looming debt crisis and never let it happen. Read more here

2. The money-printing-addicted U.S. and major nations’ economy is not going to get better. You have witnessed the partial shutdown of U.S. Government last month. A full shut down in U.S. will happen in the future because they are not able to borrow money to infinity. Default is the best solution as it enables the U.S. to reduce or dissolve its debt and start all over again. If this occurs, confidence crisis will hit America and that will send gold and silver prices through the roof

3. Unfunded liabilities like Medicare, Medicaid etc, in U.S’s account has exceeded 120 trillions. It is virtually impossible for the U.S. government to unwind this ridiculous astronomical figure.

4. Confidence crisis will burst the Bond which is already in the bubble making. Obviously Yields have started to creep up.

5. EURO Zone could not stand on its own 2 feet without the help from the big brother, Germany. But soon, Germany will hesitate to continue helping and then, I expect Euro to disintegrate. It is very obvious Euro Zone is sinking deeper into a recession. Many European banks are still in tatters. Greece and Portugal need more new bailout. Spain, Italy is in a complete mess with unbelievable high unemployment. And even France remains fragile with a lot of hidden problems.

Is it the time now to start investing in gold and silver?

My answer is clearly simple: It's not time yet for gold and silver bull to come out from hibernation. They are taking a full breather and they are still sliding to downside.
The Bible says that everything has its time and place in the sun. That's why timing is so critically important to determine the turning point and the direction of the move.
However, Long term bull market in gold and silver remains intact. For gold to hit the ultimate bottom, it needs a bit more time to hit the long term technical support. As legendary trader W.D. Gann said: Time is more important than price. Only when Time is up, Price will start to reverse.


Gold may have come close to the multi-year bottom around 1180. It may spike lower. Gold has formed a Head & Shoulders top with a downside price target of 1180 or below. Once a bottom arrives, a significant Elliot Wave 5 rally will begin, which should bring gold to $3000 initially. But the best part will come in the parabolic rises which may take gold up to $6000 at least by 2017 onwards.



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