Time to buy Stocks in Wall St

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Not the time to jump in yet to buy stocks. We still have 2 possible patterns to unfold before the new bull market in DOW, SPX and NDX in 2016, which will carry SPXto at least 3200

Do you know that this year, many smaller fund managers have underperformed their benchmarks. Most of them are paid on performances/bonuses besides small salary and so now they need to aggressively buying up , trying to catch up with their performances

Do you know that, Big Smart money are slowly scaling out their long positions and soon, they will massively liquidate their LONG positions. If that happens, we might see waterfall decline to at least 1970

Price pushing up on lower volume means that corrective decline is imminent

See the hourly chart here:  http://schrts.co/UbIeHx



2 possible patterns to unfold but my members will be guided as soon as the picture to clear up.

Click the chart below to see clearer


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