The Demise Of The USD- Not Yet!

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I have been talking against many so called guru who predict about the death of USD since 2 years ago. Look at the following USD charts and you know USD still has more legs to climb higher. It is still too early to declare ‘the demise of the USD in the current economic and market situation when you can see huge capitals flow into U.S.

If you want to trade gold, you must also look at USD seriously and probably you need to read the lips of Putin. Do you notice that Putin is a bit quiet lately with his evasive action? G20 is coming up in 2-3 weeks’ time here –DownUnder.

If you want to trade EUROUSD, you must look at the EURO chart below.

The strength of the USD is not favouring buying EURO or AUD or Gold and in fact many commodities like OIL.




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