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Gold Silver DOW SP500 USD Nikkei ASX -The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History is about to begin.

First come the laugh or sarcasm!

Silver has crashed from $50/oz. two years ago in 2011 to less than $19/oz. today. Surely and clearly, the glittering Gold and sparkling silver is completely losing its lustre. Gold is on the way to $750 or less and silver to $9 as declared by some of the top guru like Robert Prechter and Harry Dent due to deflationary reasons and the potential Quantitative Easing (QE) tapering in September.


Copper bull is sleeping or dead. What about Gold bull ?


GOLD is limping on with more inflicting pain, and is on the way to a price abyss…? Will it be in a bear market for another decade?

One of the reasons behind the ongoing crash in gold and silver is due to Obama and helicopter Ben Bernanke bullish factors for the economy. When the economy is bullish, who wants gold?

Obama's  economic policies perhaps are finally beginning to drive the economy to ‘bloom and boom’. Under his policies, debts are coming down, budget deficits are slowly moving into surplus with balanced budgets on the horizon Together with ‘helicopter Ben’, the head of the Fed, both of them are holding a ‘ pre-success party’ to welcome the much lower unemployment rate of just a mere 5% in the next 2 years.

And now, they are ready and happy to impose more taxes, increase spending and taper the QE.

Jason Hommel (a well known overly optimistic guy in Silver market) came out with the following laughable comments:

1. Clearly, Obama, as a former Constitutional Scholar and Teacher, is protecting the civil rights of all Americans, what with ending the drone program, ending the build up of billions of rounds of ammo by Homeland Security, stopping the snooping of people’s emails and phone calls by NSA, terminating bad IRS practices, and therefore, investment into the USA and the dollar is looking attractive again to people all around the world.

2. Clearly, Obama has lived up to his promise to have the most transparent administration in history, with a diligence to rooting out corruption and incompetence where ever it may appear in government, whether in the IRS, Homeland Security, the Justice Department, the TSA, the NSA, the military, or the CIA.

3. Clearly, Obama has already produced his real birth certificate.

4. Clearly, Obama has done nothing wrong in Benghazi, and that the Tea Party people are the real terrorists.

Don’t get alarmed!  None of the above is true.  Never a moment, I believe the economic policies of the Obama’s government is going to work.  Have a good laugh! Like Jason, I was just trying to catch your attention. 

Of course, there are a few other reasons for the crash in gold and silver. One of the key reasons: Every talking heads including all the dirty BS vultures (culprits of the government) are trying to suppress and destroy the prices by creating all kinds of negative sentiments and nonsense reasons. No government (except China) likes Gold as‘money’ because gold is rare and can’t be printed.

Fiat money (paper money) is the best for the politicians because they can print and print unlimited amount of money out of thin air to protect their self interest. If you study history of Fiat money, all paper currencies eventually  have to face the days of destruction and the whole new monetary system will be introduced. Go and read my eBooks and you will be amazed how I expose all the economic lies and how ‘printing massive amount of money’ will end in tears.

The reality is that global debts are still on the rise and U.S government alone is still spending  over a trillion more dollars each year that does not exist- money created out of thin air and uncontrolled huge borrowing.

Listen to what the idiotic Billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City said a few months ago: The great American government or its biggest economy will never suffer or collapse from any astronomical debt destruction because its government can borrow money to infinity. This may be true in the short term, but definitely not in the long term, especially if you cannot grow enough to pay it back. He confidently said that China, Japan and other lenders will continue to lend them money because he assumed that they can’t stop lending and their survivals also depend on US. Again, this is true in a short term sense but that is hilarious to think that this scenario can go on.

You got to be a crazy to think every government can borrow or print money into infinity. A massive ‘Confidence Crisis’ will hit one day and thereafter, the whole structure of lending will collapse. The US’ credit card balance (borrowing ability) will be cut off one day! The US government will go bankrupt. Note: Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire; I wonder why he doesn’t put himself in debt. He simply understands the following famous quote:

“There are 2 ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt”. - John Adam

Now, pay attention here: the Chinese communist government (but capitalistic in nature after the Late Deng Xiao Ping’s open door policy and his famous quote: To be rich is glorious) has been asking its citizens to buy gold and silver since 2009. Gold ownership (open) has been banned in communist China for many years before 2009. Gold is called ‘underground money’ in communist countries. Since the 1990s, the economic landscape or story in China and other emerging growth countries like Brazil, India, Russia and some Asian countries) has changed dramatically… China will become the greatest nation in an economic sense by the year 2032 but needs some time to adjust. IMF predicts China will take over U.S as no 1 economic nation by 2016 but in true sense, I believe it is only due by 2033-the next 17 years Cycle. Without rampant corruption in China, I probably agree with IMF’s view.

Jim Rogers said: If the twentieth century was the American century, then the twenty-first century belongs to the red dragon -China. You may think this is not possible - I won’t argue with you but please go and read the history, facts and figures from reliable internet sources and even my 2 ebooks before you rule me out.

When I was a child and a teenager in 1960s-1970s,  most South East Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong were all regarded as’ third world undeveloped or developing countries and most of us were living under the poverty line. Today, go and travel around the regions, you would be surprised how prosperous these countries are. Just in China alone, 50 cities are now connected by BULLET TRAIN reaching speeds of up to 300+mph on the Magnetic maglev trains. Even in remote towns like Zhangjiajie in Hunan province, China, all the surrounding areas are already connected with high speed internet. Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong’s international airport are in the global ranking of 1-2-3 in the last few years. Even Malaysia and Thailand’s international airport are ranked in the world’s top 10.


Korea Incheon International Airport No 1 in the world in 2012

I am writing up my first follow up report about the ‘Coming generational Buy and Short opportunity‘ in GOLD, SILVER, USD, DOW, SP, EURO, ASX, YEN, NIKKEI. The reports cover every details ranging from 3 analyses (fundamental, technical and CYCLE TIMING) to when to buy and sell in order to capture the major move.

BIG MONEY IS MADE IN CATCHING THE EARLY MOVE OF THE MULTI-YEAR TREND. STRATEGIES ARE ALSO SUGGESTED to capture the big profits with limited capitals. Stringent risks control will be in place for you to consider.

How to multiply your small capital from $1700 to $18000 ( with a good margin of safety)? In my next blog, I will show you how to create your wealth or turn your small investing capital from $1700 to $18,000, a return of at least 10 folds and even 20 folds to $36000 if you are willing to take more risks. Don’t think this is nonsense. This is not kidding! Trading and investing is a very serious business like all other business. Don’t rule this out straight away as ‘hilarious’ without giving yourself a chance to find out how is that possible in my next blog.. You are free to write to me if you have any serious questions after reading my next blog.


The Dow Jones index is plummeting since the blow off that I flagged a few weeks ago! Read my previous blog

Last but not the least, I want to tell you that when the last 30% of the weak hands of Gold and Silver are destroyed, it is the time that you must buy gold and silver if you want to survive and prosper in the coming economic collapse which is beyond your wildest imagination


REMARKS: Never ever try to follow any guys blindly including me but I am more than willing to expose myself or my performance to your scrutiny. I speak against the MSM and all the economic lies. You can try my newsletter for one week!

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