I have subscribed to many very well known forecasting services around the world, I found John by pure chance while researching, I can now say it is the best value for money and the accuracy is excellent.

John E (Perth, Australia)

If you are trading $SPX and $GOLD then you are trading blind without John Yii's super accurate market signals. His cycle turns newsletter will help you nail every twist and turn and stay on the right side of the market.

Raze X (Hobart, Australia)

Great SPX forecast in the middle of the chaos. Congrats on a very well done forecast on the SPX telling your followers when to buy with excellent accuracy.

Abdullah Alangari (Saudi Arabia)

"Your great reports bring Cycle Timing analysis (together with 3 other elements of analysis- Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment) to a point that I can make money consistently (more wins than loss) with minimal drawdown. Thanks for providing such a worthy service at a cost that is affordable to everyone.

Asaph Choo (Singapore)

I have tried so many newsletters in the past but I have to admit yours probably is the best for short term trading to long term investment.  It's amazing how you're able to give so many accurate calls on not only gold, silver but also on Indices, USD and EURO. Thanks heaps!

Tanakorn Therdchitpaisarn (Bangkok, Thailand)

I've followed John for several months now and his advice on both the S&P and US dollar have been very good while his calls on gold both up and down have been uncanny.

Gerry Srbeny (Chicago, USA)

All of your analysis has been great and I look forward to a long term relationship as you mentioned when I first subscribed. I completely understand why you want to increase your rate. It is well worth it! Let me know what I need to do to sign up for 12 months at the current rate.

Michael Recchia (USA) 2015

Yes, please lock in $250 rate and extend my subscription for another year... I understand your need to raise the price, but even at the new price it is still a bargain compared to many other newsletters I have seen so no need to apologize for a price hike!

Robert Bennett (USA) 2015

I appreciate the depth of your writing and the content of the letter and the accompanying weekly and sometimes daily updates. Even though my focus is entirely on long term--in my case meaning decades as I began accumulating positions in metals in 1999 for a possible long term move which is yet in progress and has yet some years to experience. Simultaneously, I began moving out of all other "paper" assets meaning stock certificates of all nature other than those relating to metals. By following all the various terms of perspective of your writings I have overall successfully been able to time additional acquisitions of metals and sometimes taking negative positions of trend changes of markets represented by the DOW.

Your letters help one to defuse emotions to some degree by keeping my eye on the ball for the longer term reward or direction. Especially important when considering taxable events as short term "successes" values are sometimes withered away by tax consequences.

R Hatton (Florida, U.S.A) 2015

Thank you for all your hard work. 2016 -2017 here we come!

J. Randsdorp (USA) 2015

Thank you again for your hard work.. Brian T

B. Thompson (New YORK, USA) 2015

John Yii is a sharpshooter! He names the targets and hits them with very high accuracy.

R. Warren (U.S.A) 2015

I follow your (john) forecast for more than 1 year. Your predictions are very accurate and your turning points are often right there where you mention the restistance or support

A. Costanzo (Switzerland) 2015

Nice call on the SPX. I’m out 80% on Puts. I buy near a month out for lower delta to prevent an instant negative move hurting me poorly. But due to your call, I literally shorted at the top, 2020. Since, it dropped greatly that day, I sold half at the close (nearly a double) and a little more than half of the remaining half on Friday because I saw that it was going oversold. Enjoy the weekend!

J. Alperti (New York, U.S.A) 2015

Yes, spot on. SPX Shorts: Got in at 2000, 2010, 2020…Thanks for all of the writings and analysis. Everything has been great.

M.V. Recchia (Detroit, Michigan)

I have been in the markets since 1993. I survived super bull of 1993, the currency crisis of 1997 and latest disaster of 2008. I think I have seen it all. But John Yii is something else. His accuracy is uncanny. I would have thought it could not be done.

E. Lim (KL, Malaysia)

“John has a tremendous knowledge in the precious metal i.e. gold and silver. He correctly predicted the beginning of the bull market in gold and silver in 2001 and subsequently advised me to sell gold and silver at a price near to 1900 in 2011. His uncanny ability ( with his observation and study of Cycle Timing) to predict the turning points in gold and silver need to be heeded.”

Dr T Chu, (Sydney, Australia)

Your newsletter is very informative and useful. I like your sensible attitude about trading, i.e. not to be greedy and avoid too much short-term trading. I live on the East coast of the U.S. and the financial news reported in the mainstream news and media here is really quite useless and can often be used as a contra-indicator of what is really happening in the markets. This is why I turn to alternative sources for financial information. Your analyses seem to correlate strongly with two other analysts I follow…so you guys must all be doing something right!…your biblical references are interesting, and I am not offended as I feel there is great meaning in the bible.

Robert Bennett (Maryland U.S.A)

John Yii is a passionate person I have known in recent years. He is a serious student of the money market and the security industry. In knowing him, he is also very generous in sharing his knowledge he has researched. In his book The Greatest Bull Market for Gold and Silver in History, he has poured out his information so that more and more people are aware of what he feels as vital knowledge for investing in gold and silver in relation to the economics in the world. His opinions are given in a “straight talk” manner, much like him as a person. He tells things as they are but in kindness and humility. He has requested me to be of prayer support to him, which I have accepted as a friend to him based on the fact that he is a sincere man. As a Pastor, while I am not in the position to comment on the great volume of information in his book, I believe John has done honest study in his subject. It is definitely a book worth reading and for the reader to glean good information from John. I am learning from him too.

Pastor Jeremiah Yap (New Life Restoration Churches, Malaysia)

John Yii has a great financial IQ. He has a great passion to educate as many people as possible about why you should diversify your portfolio and put some of your retirement fund onto gold and silver investment. He believes all markets ( Dow, ASX, gold ssilver, USD, EURO, Nikkei etc) are all interconnected and capital flow is one the key factor affecting the price movement. He also has an uncanny ability to pick the turning points in major market indices. I strongly suggest you follow him for investment ideas.

Marcin Kurek Gutierrez, Software Engineer (Germany/Sydney)

“I have known John Yii for 4 years, introduced to me by a very good friend who has successful business dealings with John for many years. On the recommendation of my friend, I also engaged John as my broker 24 months ago. Since then the result from my investments have been excellent and this has been achieved despite the volatility of the market. John has impressed me with his investment skills and knowledge in this field.”

Maurice LD Sullivan, Public Accountant (Sydney, Australia)

I strongly recommend John’s newsletter which gives you actionable ideas (with high accuracy) about trading and investing in ASX stocks, Dow, SP500, USD, Nikkei, Euro. He emphasis medium and long term investing based on ‘major move’ to make big money. At the same time, he looks at short term trades with strict risks management. I am happy to have found him through my friend’s referral.

Di Lin, Trader/Investor (Vancouver, Canada)

John Yii always say ‘Big money is made in the major move and tip your toes in to start buying bit by bit when everybody feel the pain in the crash market’. He also like to tell me frequently that ‘nobody can go broke by taking profits’ and at the same time maintaining that ‘ let the profit run till you see the anticipated turning point’ and always ‘leave the last bit of the profit run to others’. He is absolutely right and he has guided me to make consistent return from stock trading and investing

Shi J Luo, Trader/Investor (Melbourne, Australia)

I know he has gone through all sorts of trading and investing mistakes and even pain of losing money and friendship (who misunderstood him) in his earlier years of trading and investing but he never want to give up and instead he pushes on honing his skills till today. He developed his own methodology called ‘H3m’ but with the new and full understanding and wise application of Cycle timing, today he has reached a level that not many people can apply fundamental, technical and cycle timing analysis together to achieve consistent and profitable result. He deserves ‘success’ because of his passion, hard work and perseverance.

Al Siu, Businessman and Investor (Sydney, Australia)

With the time of knowing you and becoming friends, to have you as part of my overall wealth creation has been a blessing. Your knowledge in CFDs trading is greatly inspiring and your methodology is highly commended. In the recent testing time with market volatility, you have once again shown to me that you know what you are doing and I have total faith in you. I cannot thank you enough to have me as part of your group and I am looking forward to financial freedom with you. I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone to you and I am certain they will mutually benefit from your knowledge and impeccable ethics

Dr Quang Tran, Dentist (Sydney, Australia)