Stocks Crashes 15-20% in 2015

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Believe it or not, we might have a panic crash of about 15-20% in stocks within this 3-4 months. Nothing is 100% except Tax and death but with such a high probablity of the impending crash, I suggest you get out of the markets now or at least reducing your stocks exposure as much as possible in the next 2-4 weeks.

Mind you, it is just a panic decline! that won’t last for too long before we see a BIG rally towards 2017 when we possibly witness the greatest crash in history. See chart below



I am not trying to scare you. In any case, just be alert – (not saying that it MUST happen). This is possible:

1. We might have a ‘flash crash’ about 15-20% within 304 months but after this panic decline, Dow will head higher- a lot higher by early 2017 before the historic crash. How high it can go by 2017…I expect Dow to reach 32,000 before the historic crash in 2017.

2. We may have a 40–50% ‘mother of all stock market crashes’ in early 2017 based on 17 Years Cycle Pattern

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