Stock Markets Blow-Off Top And Correction- I Told You So!

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I have predicted the blow-off top and correction correctly. They were published on my website before they happen for all of you to see. Can I say: I told you so!

Look at the some of the markets below about the ongoing correction after the blow-off top. I have given a few warnings about the blow-off top and the looming correction in the last 2-3 weeks. You can go back and read all the 4 blogs for the last 2 weeks. If you have listened to me, you would either take all the profits (if you have) and run. Not only that, you can be like us shorting Dow from 15490-15500. A few members of mine is still holding the ‘short’ position. Do you know that how much money can  this few members make- just buying one big contract of CFD Dow, they would make $5000 per contract ( using CFD).

I have also told all the readers ( via my blog dated 29/05) about the critical times in the stock markets and also the Hindenburg Omen dated 4/06 only about 2-7 days ago. Guess what happens!, Last Friday, Dow dropped 200 points and last night, it plunged  another 200 points. All the last few articles are still there for you to re-read.


Dow : 2 hours chart- a span of 6 days only DOW plummet 500 points. I nailed the double top and we shorted from 15490-15500


Dow: Nikkei so far has plummeted  3000+ points since I flagged the Blow-off top on 20th May before it actually occurred on 23rd May

Where to from here? Is it going to crash? It does not really matter if we can make money in both direction.  I expect to make more profitable trades from here because the trend direction and the cycle timing pattern is unfolding clearly. Why don’t you join us to catch a few winning trades to pay for your subscription? In fact, you need only 1 tiny trade to do so.

My special discount offer of $100 per year for my newsletter (premium daily, weekly and monthly report) and eBooks will be taken off by 11th June, next week’s Tuesday ( 7 days from today). It will be raised to $299 per annum. After that, I won’t be able to make such a low (high valued) offer with such a high quality of premium analysis that is so beneficial to my royal members. It is time for you to act if you want premium analysis to achieve good consistent return with well managed risk control strategy.

Also, from tomorrow onwards, I will post some top quality news and some of my general comments ( about the markets and economy ) for you to enjoy but technical and cyclical timing (with alerts or warnings) will be strictly reserved for loyal subscribers. Some of the paid members told me it is not fair to them if I release too much technical and cycle timing details openly. I think they have good grounds to justify their say.

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