Stock Bull Runs For 5 More Years?

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Bull could run 5 more years, carry S&P 500 close to 3,000, Morgan Stanley says.

Do you agree with what Morgan Stanley’s forecast? I won’t bet against 3000 but the bull will not run for 5 more years. Be cautious! They are tricking you to buy in now till 2019 but they will dump the shares before 2016-2017. Yes, I personally believe that S&P could reach 3000 by 2016 before the historic crash. So make sure you also liquidate your shares sometimes in 2016

Morgan Stanley released a bullish view Tuesday suggesting that the current bull market could run for another five years and carry the S&P 500 SPX close to 3,000.

“Our best guess is that an S&P500 peak of near 3000 is possible should the US expansion prove to have five or more years left to it, based on 6% per annum EPS growth through that time frame and a 17x price-to-earnings ratio.” U.S. equity strategy researchers at Morgan Stanley say.
They cite extensive deleveraging in the U.S. as well as the uneven global recovery among other reasons why “this could prove to be the longest U.S. expansion – ever.”

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