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The SPECIAL OFFER at the current rate of $250.00 will be closed tonight (11pm, Sydney Time) – about 13 hours from now. After 11pm tonight, the new Rate will increase to $499.00 per year

Major reasons why I increase the rate?

1. $250 per year is too cheap based on regular updates and most importantly, the accuracy of my forecast and trade signals are top class. Equivalent newsletter may easily charge you $900 upwards.
2. This is my full time job. I spend almost 7-10 hours daily to analyse and update. I spend so much time due to my passion and also to make sure, I don't miss out anything in terms of news, policies etc and also make sure my members get the best updates and values.
3. Website, education materials and communication reports ( reports posted on the website with personal login details ) will be added. I am paying 2 people to help me to improve the services.
4. No matter what reasons I give you mean nothing, why don’t you try and see for yourself.

Even I increase the rate from $250 to $497.00, some of my existing loyal members wrote me very kind and encouraging words. I thank them for that. To respect private confidential, I can only put the first name here.

Click the link here to read: https://johnyii.com/testimonials/



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