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The outcome of the Crimea is certain- Crimea is breaking from Ukraine and reunify with Russia. This is good for the gold price to stabilise at the reasonable level 1300 or higher even if it does not appreciate in the next 10 days.
U.S and Europe will impose economic sanctions against Russia but Russia may retaliate by dumping some U.S dollars. Russian Federation always wants to reduce or eliminate its dependence on the U.S. dollar. Russia's huge purchases of gold since 2008 are an evidence of that action. Its gold reserves have surged more than double from 400 tons to slightly over 1,000 tons in the last five years. Eventually, Russia’s strategy like China is to cause U.S. dollar lose it status as the world's reserve currency.


To retaliate Europe, Russia might cut off the oil, gas and grain supplies to European Union. No matter how you look at it, all will suffer from economy damage.
Regardless of how the West respond to the outcome in Crimea today, gold prices are likely to gain more value at least in the next few weeks. But it will pull back in the next few days as a modest correction from short term overbought condition.


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