In this first eBook, you are able to learn of events and facts you are not aware of and how will they affect your life in the coming dreadful times. And also, how you should use this opportunity to accumulate gold and silver to profit and prosper in the perilous time ahead.

Gold $1045 for absolute low before the new bull cycle? Will gold decline  for another new low (or just the corrective low 1200-1250) till the bull fully confirmed comes in 2017? Dow 32000 by 2020 before the historic crash? but panic decline first on August-September 2015 (Already happened- within my forecast made in Feb and May 2015). USD hit 125-145 in 2017-2018?

You need to follow my regular update in order to catch the new BIG trend because my analysis involves ‘Projection, monitoring and adjustment (seldom and only do it if warranted) are necessary to ensure we are always on the right track and on the right side of the market.

The time for party for everyone on Wall ST (DOW up and up and crash....)

Dow, S&P500 keeps on making new highs. Enjoy the ride but remember to exit before a panic decline in 2015 (already happened as predicted) and another big one in 2017...waiting to happen?. After the panic decline of about 15-20%, Dow will run the last race with full unstoppable speed to 32000 (by 2020 with major corrective low –panic crash/decline in 2017?). 

The time for shaking out weak hands in gold and silver...More correction and consolidation before the next phase of the big rally. Meanwhile, wait patiently for the right time to accumulate more gold and silver at better or lower price (1200-1250? or lower) before it heads to $5000 or over by 2023. When and Where is the ultimate low? 1045 is the major low?.

Read  or follow my regular updates via membership. Remember Cycle may come earlier and even delayed till 2017 and therefore subscription is the only way to keep you on the right track? Not to buy too early and get caught!. Not to buy too late and miss the boat.The time for bullish USD 2013 will be bullish for USD and may continue into 2017-2018. But when everything is set, the US dollar and all currencies will lose most of their value. When is it going to happen? Read my ebooks or follow my regular updates via membership.


You must realise that largest economic decline that has begun in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has not receded and in fact, it will get worse. Most people do not realise that we are at the beginning of the final phase of a historic collapse where economic dislocations will cause unprecedented modern era of depression in 2016-2020. And that will bring even greater hardship than in the 1930s.History dictates that the economy of any nation on mounting debt to GDP ratio of anything more than 100% will eventually crumble. The global economy is heading into a time of great confusion, uncertainty and turmoil because the governments of major nations like U.S., Europe and Japan (Greece is just a small fish. Spain, Portugal, and Italy all lined up for toasting)) simply has simply ignored the fact that the current economic foundation that has been built on a debt-based monetary system is totally flawed and rotten. All the debts of these nations have escalated to unprecedented disastrous levels- a level that is beyond repair and will eventually sink the whole world into depression in 2016-2020.So, I am writing this Free SPECIAL REPORT titled “The Coming Gold Silver Explosion -$10000 gold, $300 silver, DOW 3000 or Beyond but…” to enlighten you so that you know what is happening in the current fragile economic events and take steps to protect and survive the coming crisis. But it will also be a time of opportunity, profit and prosper if you are well informed and prepared for the looming great debt crisis.

Table Of Contents

Ebook 1 PreviewWhat can you learn from the eBook?

  1. 184 pages of comprehensive details and analysis
  2. More than 100 charts- fundamental, technical, cyclical charts -showing correlation and why gold price will continue to go up. When to buy
  3. Numerous fundamental reasons why gold and silver will sky-rocket. What are the target price of gold and silver?
  4. Why must own silver? Why Silver is going to do better than gold
  5. Gold and silver price projections- When will it start parabolic rises and for how long
  6. Where is gold and silver now in term of cycle phase – why it is still a good time to get in though the price has gone up 4 fold since a decade ago. Why it is still not in a bubble.
  7. Why China is a force to reckon with. How they partner with Russia and Iran- conspiracy? How China will spike the gold price? How they plan to dominate the world?
  8. Is it the beginning of the end of the American Empire as the most powerful nation on the planet? Can they pay off the debt? When the sovereign-debt crisis is going to hit U.S. 2016?
  9. How bad is the situation in Europe and Japan? When the crisis is going to hit Europe again? Can Spain, Italy and France survive.
  10. What happens to gold and silver price in 2013? Will it go lower first before the next phase of rally? What will happen in the year 2014-2016 and thereafter?
  11. Why Billionaires buy gold and silver?
  12. How to buy gold and silver with a small sum of money
  13. Why Dow Jones will continue to run higher till late 2015

...John Yii correctly predicted the beginning of the bull market in gold and silver in 2001 and subsequently advised to exit gold and silver at a price near to 1900 in 2011. His uncanny ability ( with his observation and study of Cycle Timing) to predict the turning points in gold and silver need to be heeded.” – Dr T Chu“I am not selling my gold and silver…gold and silver will both go much, much higher over the course of the bull market.”- Jim Rogers “ I have known John for many years and I respect his professionalism and integrity. For readers who are looking for alternative investments in gold and silver, I strongly recommend his two ebooks as a starting point in self-education. You will be amazed how he exposes the global economy problems and all economic lies.- Margaret Ting, Public Accountant

Below you can find some details of my 2nd eBook

THE MODERN GREAT DEPRESSION- Survive and Prosper – (Buy Gold and Silver)

Modern Great DepressionThis 2nd eBook - you must not missed …This small eBook is a book of economic revelation that carries the message of coming “modern great depression”-great debt crisis and why you should prepare to protect yourself and most importantly how you can profit and prosper in the coming crisis. The book also gives you the overview of Gold Silver outlook and Stock market Outlook for the years 2013-2020 in more details. The phrase "Modern Great Depression" was coined by me as a way of warning that the unfolding economic crisis is looming in modern era, that have been completely ignored by those who should be alarmed (politicians who run the country).Table of ContentsEbook 2 Preview

What can you learn and gain from the this second eBook?

A must read because:

  1. Reveals global economic problems and all economic lies
  2. Exposes the inconvenient truth behind the world monetary system
  3. Signs precipitates 2016 global depression
  4. Educates on how to avoid 2016 stock market crash
  5. Reasons on why you should listen to someone who is the authority on gold and silver, and why you should listen to Ron Paul, U.S. Presidential candidate in 2012- a true honest politician.
  6. Explains why paper money always fail in the end? Learn from the past.
  7. Astronomical debt will inevitably cause the collapse of U.S. dollar
  8. Reveals why you should buy gold and silver to protect and survive.
  9. Gauge when to buy gold and silver and profit?
  10. Provides the analysis of Dow Jones and Gold and Silver outlook 2013-2020
  11. Discusses on whether if gold and silver will continue to go down or if it would be just a pause before the next phase of uptrend.

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