Pray For Peace – No War

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Tens of thousands of people filled St. Peter's Square for a four-hour Syria peace vigil late Saturday, answering Pope Francis' call for a grassroots cry for peace that was echoed by Christians and non-Christians alike in Syria and in vigils around the world. Even Italian Muslims joined the Pope in his vigil for peace. Is this a mass of anti-Americanism perhaps in history.

This entire affair is clearly demonstrating Obama and Kerry is falsifying claims  the security of every American is impacted. OBama...Don't be stupid...Mind your own economic problems and own affairs...stop your idiotic plan of going to war.

EU calls for political solution and not military strike. Read more here:

It is really silly for Congress to support Obama to go ahead with striking Syria.  Don’t you realise USA is helping evils to fight against evils. But what to do…this is all about the Control/Self-centredness and ego of human being. Click the link here to read why U.S should not go to war.

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