Plenty Of Time Left To Run For Cover?

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According to planetary movement, Markets are still wandering in the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ timing zone which generally produces very choppy markets. Last night the Dow spiked up almost 80 points when ECB announces the rate cut again but toward the market close, it was eventually down by about 150 points.

In any case, I have flagged that the market has temporarily peaked and has started to turn down for some modest correction

I study Timing Cycle quite intensively and passionately and I do read a bit about planetary movement. I am not an expert in planetary study (I don’t intend to be for personal reason) but I can tell you with conviction that planetary cycle has its effects on financial market in certain manners. Think carefully, Can anything exits or operate by it? Who has the ability and intelligence to create such an amazing Universe? Who is in control of Timing?

Read the link below:

\Users\John\Desktop\Cycle in Bible\The Biblical Concept of Time (copy and paste)

Last night, ECB lowers the rate again to all Time low due to retarding growth and also in in response to rising deflation risk and massive youth unemployment in countries like Italy and Spain. Now, think carefully come the stock market continues to go up if the economy is not improving. Mark my words again: Global markets are set to plunge (I mean Big crash which will bigger than 2008GFC) probably in 2 years time. Meanwhile enjoy the ride and not to forget to take profits along the way (with stringent risks control) to the historic top in 2016.

 When a market gets as frothy as this one, most traders start to chase the stocks and lose their logic. Emotion takes over. And soon, they will regret what they are doing if they don’t appreciate the Timing Cycle. You got to know when to sell to avoid the big crash and losses!

Why so frothy now? To reiterate what I have mentioned before pertaining to Markets’ Sentiments:

Extreme sentiment? The inexperienced traders and investors are all in, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch research showing global net inflows into equities totalled $231 billion so far this year vs. just $36 billion in 2012. That's a new record!

Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader reported that the sentiment of newsletter writers has reached levels that haven't been seen since at least 1997, active investment managers are carrying their heaviest load of market risk in seven years, and the ratio of assets in Rydex's bull and bear funds has reached levels preceding the last three market corrections

Time to take profits and run for temporary cover!

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