More Taxes And Wealth Confiscation, Without A Doubt

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This is happening in almost every nation: Wealth confiscation, Taxes and more taxes hit all of us just in various different ways.

All governments are now engaging in repressive actions against their people. Raising taxes or introducing GST. Starting confiscation polices like daylight robbery, like what Europe did in Cyprus earlier this year.

All forces (slashing retirement/entitlement benefits) are going to cause people to lose faith in their governments.

Perhaps, you will never pay attention if you earn big or easy money but for average wage-earners, it could be painful. Pay attention to what the government has done to you, only then you may try to prepare and protect your assets in the looming crisis that may happen in 2016/2017.

How to protect and prosper? At least get some gold and silver.

Gold and silver plunged again yesterday. Gold & Silver are reinforcing my expectations for an overall decline into late-Dec and sometimes into next year 2014. The next possible low for a major bottom could be close at hand. Major low does not necessarily mean that it is the ultimate low.

There is time to buy and there is a time to sell. Come on board with me so that you know when is the best time to start accumulating gold and silver.

In fact, later, when the new bull market arrives some times in 2014, nothing can stop gold and silver bull.

Read more about wealth confiscation.

Savers and investors face further "wealth confiscation" in Europe as the continent struggles to resolve the single currency's problems, a bank chief has said.

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