More Pain For Gold And Silver Investors?

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Those who follow my blog know that gold historic crash in April is just the beginning of inflicting more pains to the last 30% of the weak hands. Many MSM talking heads and some top guru ( like H. Dent and R. Prechter) in the world are calling out ‘death sentence’ for gold to go down to $750 or lower. Mind you, they have been very wrong in some of the major forecasts. They heavily promote themselves and therefore, they are very over-rated.

Is it time to buy gold now? Is golden bull dead, may be on on the way to slaughter house-$750 or even lower? I will reveal it via my upcoming 30 pages‘ GOLD CYCLE TIMING-Time to buy or exit all to avoid more pains?  Which will be available for sale on my website. It is a report that you must get no matter who you are- gold lover or hater. Meanwhile, read one of the following commentary with an open mind. Never ever try to follow any guys blindly including me but I am more than willing to expose myself or my performance to your scrutiny. I speak against the MSM and all the economic lies. You can try my newsletter for one week.

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