Massive Debt Implosion – Buy Gold Silver

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I have been mentioning about the toxic growth of the massive debt since 2013. Let’s see the current debt below and expect what will bring forth in the coming time.

Just be reminded, no governments are able to survive in the massive debt crisis in history. All things would crumble and re-start from the beginning via painful reformation process


When the debt crisis starts to hit every indebted nations, bonds will be the first to bust.


So, what should you do to protect or grow your assets or investments? You need to buy gold, silver and even stocks but the problem is “TIMING” –when to buy and when to sell. Try my newsletter, you should be able to keep track of the developments in terms of timing and price.
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Read what others say about the worrying mounting debt:

David Stockman (the Former director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget) have warned that Western governments are creating a “debt supernova.

Dan Lilenquist (former state senator) has been predicting an era of “debt detox” in which wealth will be confiscated to service government debts.

Former U.S. Senator Ron Paul says that the Greek Crisis is a sneak preview of the catastrophe that is about to strike other indebted nations, including America.

Even Goldman Sachs starts to warn that massive global government debt are posing a huge threat to the world economy.


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