Market Cycle Timing

Market Cycle Timing and Trend Direction are the keys to unlock trading and investing success.


Cycles may be defined as any phenomena repeating after fairly regular time intervals.

Generally cycles are found in anything to which numerical measurements may be assigned at intervals in time. Edward Dewey of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles said that every field studied had been found to have cycles

Make sure you Read the charts below to get yourself well informed and convinced about Cycle Timing!!!

Almost everybody loses big money in the big down turn or crash like 1987, 2000, 2008 and 2011! We all have a short term memory of 2008 GFC when Dow losing 60% plus within a few months…just recall it and think how many people were losing money. Citibank drops from about $57 in 2006 to less than $1.00 in 2008. This is a big lesson we all must remember and not to commit the same mistake again!

To avoid from being caught in the big plunge or missing from the big rally, we all must know that ‘there is a time for everything’ (Eccl3)

There is a time to buy and a time to sell. We all need to know the probable cycle top to avoid getting slaughtered during the corrective plunge during the panic or crash cycle. Similarly, we all need to know when to get in early to buy ( and make big monies) and ride on the bullish Cycle that can last for weeks, months or even years.

As an investor or traders you also need to identify the trend direction and the turning points in order to make consistent profits.  You got to be one of the smartest people on your street when it comes to knowing the trend of the market and the turning points. Do not ignore my 4 elements of analysis – Cycle Timing, Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment analysis.

Will 2008 GFC happen again? Why not? There is nothing new under the sun…the human behaviour, passion, fear or greed never change.

Come and join us to embrace fundamental, technical, sentiments analysis and most important of all CYCLE TIMING MATHEMATICAL MODELS to protect you from being ruined in the next great ‘crash cycle’ and most importantly join us to make consistent money.

Predicting or Forecast sometimes is called "A Fool's Game". In a way it is true but if I can show you it is mathematical and logical, you may be amazed with it’s uncannily accuracy. It is mathematical because it involves numbers like angles, Fibonacci and historical timing pattern. It is logical because it is based on human emotion whose behaviour and passion never change. And also, any elected governments basically continue to commit the same policy mistakes again and again.

How I used the Fibonacci calculation to predict the May high in 2015?

Critical inflection Points Using Fibonacci calculation (INCREDIBLY ACCURATE)

  • September 1929 (crash from Peak) - June 1962 (next long term inflection point) spans 393 months
  • 393 × .382 = 150 June 1962 + 150 months = December 1974
  • 393 x .618 = 242.9 June 1962 + 242 months = August 1982
  • 393 x 1.00 = 393 June 1962 + 393 months = March 1995
  • 393 x 1.382 = 543.126 June 1962 + 544 months = October 2007
  • 393 x 1.618 = 635.87 June 1962 + 635 months = May 2015
  • June 1962 + 636 months = June 2015

Now, Let’s me also show you some simple charts (self-explanatory) below, to prove my points about Cycle turning points (or from the cycle top or bottom) and why they are the keys to trading and investing success – A time to buy and A time to sell!!!


The SPX chart below predicted the panic decline starting from August 2015. It was published as a blog in May but was sent to members early this Feb, 2015

Click the link here for the first chart below:

Click the link here for the second chart below:

market cycling 2

market cycling 4


The latest accurate forecast below

Click the link for the chart below:


market cycling 3


Below shows one of the Past DOW Cycle below

market cycling 11


The chart below shows a perfect 17 years Cycle pattern

market cylcling 12