Long Live The Bull Stock Market

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As soon as the brief and sharp pull back in stocks is done, they continue to defy gravity and keep on charging higher. As said before a few times since the last 2 years, the market is still quite bullish till 2016/2017.

But be alert with more sharp pull back in March/April, which is anytime from now.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the 5 years bull market and it could pose a turning point. It is a market that you must wait to buy after the upcoming near-term major correction.

Nothing goes up in straight line. But the market will live and continue to do well till mum and dad are fully engaged in the market. Not the time yet!

Be reminded about the Cycle Timing: The best time to invest is during the Major Cycle Low. Are we in major cycle low now? We will have soon and indeed very soon. Sit tight and do nothing now.

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