Is it TIME to buy Gold and Silver now?

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Part of the October Monthly Newsletter for you to read
Note: To make big money, you must know when the big trend change and get in early on the new Cycle and ride on it that can last for 4-8 years. Are you prepared? Read more blogs on my website:

Not the Time to celebrate Bull Cycle in Gold and Silver yet. Be patient! , it is coming closer and closer!. DOW and USD are not dead yet and their bull life have been extended for at least another 1.5 years before they receive their all doom and gloom ‘Bear’ jacket.

GOLD SILVER REPORT (October, 2015)
The return of the Gold Silver secular bull market is moving step by step closer and should lead to the next 7 years (2016-2023) of new bull Cycle. A new bull market is very likely to begin in April 2016 when Gold and Silver hit the ultimate low at 815-890 and 10-11 respectively.

I know gold-bugs (very happy now) and many analysts have declared that the corrective decline of Gold and Silver have completed. They all are very excited about the new bull Cycle. But, as a gold-bug by nature (I like Gold and Silver too) and with Timer on my belt, I hate to tell you that Gold and Silver has not bottomed yet. There is NOTHING (whether Technical, Cycle, Fundamental, and even sentiment analysis) to tell me that the new bull cycle is here now.

Don’t worry, we won’t miss the Bull Cycle and if the Cycle inverts and comes earlier than what I anticipated, you will be informed quickly via ‘weekly update’ or ‘daily update’. My Cycle plus 3 other analysis should be able to tell me with conviction when Time come.

Cycle and Technical trend is still pointing down and based on monthly chart, we should be able to see 815-890 by April, 2016. Please not that, I will only turn bullish if Cycle come early and if 1230 is taken out in the next few weeks but that is very unlikely.

See the Monthly Charts below and you can see that the trend is still down and is still bearish by all means.


Unless 1. RSI continues to trend up and crosses 50 2. MACD clearly crosses up 3. $XAU;$Gold Ratio crosses over the blue line 4. $XAU continues to trend up 5. If Price crosses up 10 and 20 MA 6. If XAU crosses up 20 MA (not shown in the above chart but shown below) then we may can declare that bull Cycle has come



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