Has Gold really bottomed? Is it Time to buy Gold?

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Most analysts and gold-bugs are expecting gold to go much higher from here. In fact, they all have declared the major bottom is already in.

Yes, they can move higher to 1237 and even 1280 but I want to tell you my Timing analysis says a very different thing – Gold soon (after the current rally ends, we will see new low in gold 960-1120)


Rate hike is a certainty!. It is just a matter of time. Why would I buy gold if the rate hike is in the card and the momentum of U.S economy is still strong ( here, I am talking about short term only based on some artificial figures). Uncertainty (war) is not escalating yet. So, gold upside is limited.


The latest commitment of trades (COT-Report) have deteriorated rather dramatically add to the fact, the end of the rally is close at hand. The similar thing happens to the silver where we can see the commercial players (bullion banks, intuitions, big smart money and mining companies’ hedging) building up a massive short position once again


Clearly my analytical model are indicating a very limited upside potential in Gold and Silver. The only way is still down after this snap-back rally ends. When is it going to end? Will the Cycle inverts to cause the gold bull to arrive early? When is the best time to buy and how? All these are reserved for paid subscribers.


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