Gold is dead at $350?

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All the big banks (manipulators) are coming out in droves to release their reports about the demise of Gold. One of them is even predicting Gold dropping to $350. Only less than a year ago, all quote that the fair value of Gold is about $1150-$1250.

Can you trust them? Do you really think they can help you to make money from Gold Investment by giving you the right signals in Time and In Price?

If you really want to know the secret of the Gold Cycle (when to buy and when to sell), why don’t you join us as a paid member.

I want to tell you Gold and Silver is NOT DEAD but only in hibernation to recuperate. They will come back strong! But exactly when…this is reserved for paid members.

See Charts below…


Let’s see what the Big Banks say:

Bloomberg News wrote gold off Gold Is Only Going to Get Worse.’ Read here:

The Wall Street Journal laughs Gold off, Let’s Be Honest About Gold: It’s a Pet Rock.’Read here :

The Deutsche Bank  warns that gold needs to fall another 30% to hit $750 an ounce in order to bring prices back towards long-running historical averages. The Deutsche "gold price model,” which factors in world growth, the U.S. dollar, money supply and central bank gold purchases, estimated fair value at $785 per ounce.

Barclays says expectations for a Federal Reserve interest-rate hike are likely to keep weighing on gold prices. The bank says real interest rates are likely the most important macroeconomic factor for gold, with the others being U.S. dollar strength and safe-haven demand. “We are near the beginning of the rate-raising cycle and our economists expect the Federal Reserve to have (its) first rate hike in September,” the bank says. “The rate hike expectation is likely to continue (to) weigh on gold prices.” The bank’s foreign-exchange analysts expect the dollar to keep strengthening, which also is negative for gold. One potential source of buying is emerging-market demand. “The demand response is yet to be seen and we do not expect a 2013-style buying spree from China, given its existing onshore stock, as well as the fact that buyers in 2013 are now making a loss,” Barclays says. Support from the production cost likely would be the level of average cash costs instead of average all-in sustainable costs, Barclays says. “This suggests that (the) cost-supported floor should be just under $1,000/oz. However, $1,000/oz is also an important level in terms of ETF holdings.” Many holdings below this would become loss-making, meaning potential for liquidation, the bank adds.

Morgan Stanley thinks gold could go as low as $US800
Read more:

Goldman’s Currie expects gold to fall under $1,000

Read more here:

GOLD $350: Wow! There is the extreme forecast of $350 published by Market Watch: Two reasons why gold may plunge to $350 an ounce.

Read more here:


Who are you going to listen and trust?

As being said a few times in the past, if you follow big banks (manipulators), you can never make money as they always front run you and at certain critical time, they will do things (invest/trade) in contrary with what they say.

For those who does not follow me since 3 years ago. I have been right on the money in my intermediate and long term forecast. I’ve been bearish on gold since the peak at $1920 for so long that my successive low targets have constantly being met.

I am a gold-bug by nature (love gold and silver) but I am a market timer (not just buy only, we short sell too) who has correctly predicted the fall and fall of the Gold price since the top.

I have helped my paid members to stay on the right course by “shorting” gold most of the time. Yes, sometimes, we “long” (buy) on counter-trend rally. This is how you make money unlike the stubborn gold-bug who always buy and buy, even at 1900, 1800.

Timing is the key to success!

Gold-bug –die hard bulls (without the help of timing) better be warned. I can envision them to be ‘flush-out’ completely during the last phase of this Big Bear Cycle.

Most gold-bugs will lose their shirts when the final ‘flush-out’ occurs and they will be left with nothing to participate with the new Gold Bull Cycle.


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