Gold Dives! Within my forecast!

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I have predicted the new down leg accurately and thus helping my clients to make big gain from shorting gold at 1200-1220 area. I may be a gold-bug by nature but I pay attention to both direction – Long and Short.
Tell me who wants to buy gold and silver when USD is up and up and when USA is a relative safe place to park your money. Rate hike is in the card and it does not really matter when – Sept or December.
Mark my words; 1. USD will go into the next parabolic move, building up the bubble before it gets popped. 2. Gold will head much lower but it can turn around quickly due to new financial turmoil and War.(if seen earlier)
Timing is the key to make big money. Nothing goes up and down in straight line. You need 4 elements of analysis (Timing Cycle, Fundamental, Technical, Sentiments) to stay alive and consistently make money in your investments.
As Gold is going down and down, two things you must know:
1. How low it can go and when is it going to turn up for the next Super Cycle? Will it be now, next 2 months or next year or never? Trust me! Things can change quickly.
2. However, fundamental and sentiment can shift quickly and helps Gold Bull to come out of hibernation earlier than we all expected. Or, may it hides I the cave for the next 5 years? With my help, you can be well informed well in advance so that you won’t miss the big profits either on the downside or upside.
My accurate record speaks for itself as I put some major forecast on my website well ahead before it happens. You can always read my blogs and check for yourself how I speak the truth. But be reminded, it is much better to get updated daily and weekly via my paid subscription in order not to miss the turns. There is so much uncertainty in the financial markets, you really need to stay tuned with the daily and weekly updates.
I am going to send out special offer (50% off) for my paid subscription. It will be valid for 1 week only. What I ask from you is only one thing – take up the challenge to follow and read my paid newsletter …I
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