GOLD dives again! Gold Stocks also got hit!

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GOLD Dives again. All gold-bugs wrong again

If you read my blogs recently, you know that I kept on telling you that Gold has not bottomed.

Who could have predicted that a market with such positive expectancy and conviction that Gold  would plunge so rapidly and so sharply? My record is standing up tall for you to see. Isn’t it?

Of course, all members are very happy again as the best part is that we make big gains and will continue to do so

Summing up, the decline in continue will continue (despite some short term corrective rebound) and there are multiple signs that point to the culmination of the gold hitting the major bottom.

But be warned, Cycle may invert, which means Gold Bull Cycle may come early. When gold bull cycle come, you should look into some gold and silver stocks which may give you 10 fold return over a period of few years. But, you got to know which gold and silver stocks to buy?

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