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Gold and silver have seriously tanked recently as forecasted well ahead in my newsletter. I have shorted them quite a while ago and have closed all the ‘short positions’ yesterday as the negative sentiment has reached 46% which is quite extreme, which has never being seen since June low last year. See the chart below.


Many have blamed gold price ‘manipulation or suppression’ as the key factor to drive the price down. But, first of all, we must know that nobody can drive the price down if the true market forces are at works. Market forces are always much bigger than all manipulators combined.

Yes, there always seems to have manipulation (to certain extent) in short term time frame but they are only making use of the prevailing market forces to short the positions like what I did. Why nobody is talking about ‘manipulation or suppression’ when Gold is up and up from $258 to $1920 during the last bull period from 2001 to 2011.

Be patient!, Gold will have its prime time as it runs up to $5000 in the next few years but not now as currently all artificial economic data are driving investors away from gold which pays no dividend

Chart below shows short term rebound is imminent.


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