Gold and Gold stocks has more downside USD is very bullish. SPX Neutral but…

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Gold, silver and mining stocks didn’t do much today, which in fact Silver declines a lot more. Despite oversold in gold market, rebound is feeble. Based on my Timing Chart, the short term bottom is not in yet but is closing in.

Despite all the bearishness from weekly chart and monthly charts, the gold-bugs still carry the hope of a new bull market.

As a market timer, I don’t fall in love in Gold and Silver all the time. There is always a time to fall in love and a time to ‘divorce’

We have shorted Gold from 1177-1179 and it seems that my members’ profits will become even bigger before this decline is over.
The upcoming opportunity is still huge and I hope you join us as a paid member now.

We also making huge gains from LONG USD Index and shorting EUROUSD.

We also start to make some good gains from Shorting SPX

Click some charts below to see how bearish is Gold, EUROUSD and bullish USD but SPX remains Uptrend short term –in corrective decline now.





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