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Yesterday, one of my oldest members (membership) wrote me a long letter talking about Gold, spiritual life, books, music, and etc. His name is R. Hat... (can’t disclose full name here) from East Coast, U.S.A Read his testimonial below:

I appreciate the depth of your writing and the content of the letter and the accompanying weekly and sometimes daily updates. Even though my focus is entirely on long term–in my case meaning decades as I began accumulating positions in metals in 1999 for a possible long term move which is yet in progress and has yet some years to experience. Simultaneously, I began moving out of all other “paper” assets meaning stock certificates of all nature other than those relating to metals. By following all the various terms of perspective of your writings I have overall successfully been able to time additional acquisitions of metals and sometimes taking negative positions of trend changes of markets represented by the DOW.
Your letters help one to defuse emotions to some degree by keeping my eye on the ball for the longer term reward or direction. Especially important when considering taxable events as short term “successes” values are sometimes withered away by tax consequences. – R Hat.. ( Florida, U.S.A) -September 2015

Why I mention about R. Hat...? In a way, I am indebted to him There are reasons below:

I started my newsletter in 2013 out of passion for gold and silver especially. My aim is to stand up for the truth –exposing the lies of the government and MSM.

I am nobody and also don’t know how to promote till recently (somebody helps me to promote a bit now) and a year on, I only have 7 members (today 5 oldest membership are still with me –Thanks them). I did not even receive enough membership fee to cover my costs. But, I carry on (though at times, feel like to stop writing) but because of R. Hat who incidentally pushes me on (Today, we have establish some kinds of friendship)

Till today, he does not know that his encouragements has helped me to continue writing and grow my membership many folds. I want to take this opportunity to thanks him. What he wrote to encourage me:

1. He shared with me about his beautiful life experiences and his rich 40years+ investment experiences, which taught me a lot. He knows Gold and Silver much earlier than me and seems to know much more in terms of Fundamentals.

2. Despite his vast knowledge and experiences, he used to appreciate and praise me on what I write even on fundamentals (despite my Chinese-English-he never mention about it). He likes my Timing and Technical charts a lot.

3. Most importantly, He knows that I write newsletter out of my passion (heart) and with honesty.

Yesterday, he wrote me something that remind me to bring you to attention again:

1. Buying Gold and Silver basically is a hedge against 1.governments (debts, lies ) 2. War 3. Economic collapse 4.any Catastrophe

2. I am not against Peter S. Williams, Jim R., Jim S,etc. at all . In fact, I respect them especially Jim S. (who has free website). I am not saying they mislead investors. I just want to clarify something here. Their timing indeed hurt a lot of late comers in buying gold around 1600-1900 (but it does help those who bought in cheap early in the year).

They do have some very solid fundamental arguments here (which I totally agreed without a question) but some arguments are out of proportion –not synchronizing with Time. Too premature!. Tell me who can see the future of the governments. Not me...I can only predict (to the best of my ability) based on given data...Governments Lies, lies and all lies all the way...

3. Mark my words here: Gold and silver will hit at least $5000.00. New Gold Bull Cycle is coming next year. USD and SPX has one more big rise (last Bull) before the Total Collapse –even The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger (I’ll be back) can’t fix the problems.

Have faith in Gold and Silver. More importantly, have faith in God

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