Generational Buy Opportunity In Gold And Silver 2014

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By nature, I am a gold bug but I am not a stubborn one thinking that it would continue to go up without any ‘long term major’ correction.

I very much like gold and silver to start the sustained ‘bull run’ since January this year but after re-examining the long term charts based on Timing Cycle, it is still quite possible for us to see one more drop to fulfil the Major Cycle low this year. Patient investors will be greatly rewarded.

I could be wrong if the current Cycles pin-point ‘escalation in war, earthquakes and global economic turmoil’ as we move into the next 3 weeks of April.


Normally, the market experiences the ‘Ultimate Low’ (to wipe out the last group of the long term investors) if the psychology of the ‘capitulation’ reaches the climax ( when all big players come out at the same time to call for $750 gold) and so far, we have witnessed that at all. Perhaps, the big players (manipulators) like GS, JP Morgan and HSBC’s call for 1050 is the ‘final bear’ low.

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