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How do I become a member and what are your mission and objectives?

Just click 'Subscription' on menu bar and submit form
I will help you to achieve consistent and good investment return. I will help you not to get caught in the panic cycle, which may cause 'market crash' and I will guide you into some actionable trades aggressively when the bullish cycle is about to start or is in the early stage in order to catch a big profits with lower risks. I believe in 'discipline' and 'patience' waiting for the right moment to trades.
I believe if I can give you the best service and top quality information and achieve good investment return, you will stay with me for a long long time. I am sure we will enjoy partnership and friendship.
I do it with my heart. Follow me for a while, you know what I mean.
THERE IS A TIME TO BUY AND A TIME TO SELL. I believe in money and risk control and invest or trade in the major move with high probability of making profits.

How do I know what products or services are suitable for me?

You can buy my Ebooks - Gold-Silver, The secrets of Millionaire Trader, Trading Manual and Compete Forecasting, trading and investing course

But if you need more precise guidance with trade signals, you should subscribe the

Premium newsletter (Daily Update/Weekly Report/Monthly newsletter) - Strongly recommended!


What are the main differences between your newsletter and other ‘hype’ newsletter and why you priced it so low?

we are 100% reader supported (via referrals) without any media or other promotion. We offer the most objective, unbiased no-nonsense reporting on gold, silver, Aussie Stocks, ASX, US Stocks,Dow Jones, SP500, USD-EURO, Oil etc plus Major markets like China, DAX and NIKKEI. Please remember all markets are inter-connected.

I believe in personal service. I welcome questions and concern. I will try my best to help and answer each and everyone ASAP.

I open this website and newsletter to the wider group of readers upon 'push and encouragement' from my old batch of readers/subscribers who are most friends and acquaintances.

I do this out of passion and want to stand up speaking the truth against MSM and all economic lies.
I don't believe this low priced but valued newsletter will stay at this attractive price for too long. It involves a lot of time in doing accurate analysis and time consumed in providing support to growing list of clients who need more personal attention. It is all about value and not the price. Therefore, I can't guarantee this price will stay at this low level for a long time.

I ask you to try my newsletter for 3 months for a SPECIAL PRICE.

How often do you suggest buy and sell and how can I make good money?

I 100% believe big money is made in the major move of the Big Cycle.

I suggest some short term-intermediate (Long or Short trades) with high probability of winnings. Suggested trades given are based on the right cycle time and high probability of success (with high conviction and expectancy).

I would rather trade less with high chance of winnings. I won't force the trades for the sake of 'trading' more frequently. I want you to WIN and not LOSE. I will try to make sure your capitals are protected and make money CONSISTENTLY.

What methodologies and strategies are you using?

I use 4 elements of analysis - fundamental, technical , sentiments and cycle timing analysis (with cycle top and bottom or turning points) to buy (long) and sell (short) to achieve consistent investment result. REMEMBER THERE IS A TIME TO BUY AND A TIME TO SELL.

Do you have performance records? Can you give guarantee? Do you give a trial?

I do not believe in any performance records (they can be massaged easily) given by any investment newsletter.

Integrity is my motto, and that is why my membership retention is exceptionally high.

To be upfront, nobody can guarantee anybody. Even W.D. Gann won't ever do that. TALK IS USELESS!

Let my work do the talking! All my blogs and reports are published/kept on my website and so, my record are on display for readers and members!

Generally, I do not give a Free trial because too many abuse the benefits. But, if you are genuine, talk to me, I may consider in some cases.

Do you cover and suggest to trade or invest in other markets beside gold and silver?

As all markets are interconnected, I cover Dow Jones, SP500, Nasdaq, ETF, USD, Euro, YEN, Nikkei, ASX indices, and ASX and U.S stocks,, OIL etc. I also suggest when to buy (Long) and sell (Short) in all these markets.

How do I get my support from you when I join?

You can always shoot me an email. I will reply asap. Send email to

If you need more personal attention to your trading and investing portfolio, I can provide personal service like phone talk for special fee based on hours but the rate is a lot cheaper than all others. My goal is to help you.

What do I get and gain as a subscriber?

Every month you will receive my Investor's newsletter (monthly issue) to keep you on top of what’s happening now, what’s going to happen next based on the big picture with the longer term mindset. You will only be given buy or sell signals if there is a major trend change from the major low or high.

Premium Newsletter provides Daily Update and Weekly Reports  - alert you when to buy and sell (trade and invest) based on short term and intermediate term and longer term signals.

With Premium newsletter, you will get the regular update on US Indices, Stocks, ASX Indices and Stocks,  and Euro-USD and Yen, Oil, Coffee, Soybean, Nikkei, DAX,  etc beside gold and silver as they all have different Cycle Timing. No matter where you invest, you should pay attention to the direction of DOW, SP500 and NASDAQ which generally affect most of the other major markets.

You will get my 2 EBooks (free for subscriber) - without additional charge
You will get free video update and special report whenever they are available
I will answer your questions, concern and feedback ASAP

Why I have not received your trade alert, update or weekly report?

The most possible answer is that they go into your spam filter/folder. Check this folder first. Another likely problem is that you never confirmed your email address when you registered. If you are still not receiving our emails, contact us ASAP and you will be added to the member email distribution list ASAP.


John Yii is not an investment advisor and therefore all information or suggestions appears on this website, all his research offerings, opinions, trade alerts and statements or any publications or newsletters should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for any kind of investment purposes. They contain unsolicited general educational information only, without regard to any investor’s individual objectives, financial situation or needs. It is also not specific advice or a general advice for any particular investor and therefore, whatever information provided herein or elsewhere by john yii or or any of his publications is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities of any kind.

John Yii or or Gold Silver wall St or any information provided herein or else where nor anyone else, accepts any responsibility nor assumes any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential gain or loss arising from the use of the information contained herein.

Before making any decision about the information provided, you must consider the appropriateness of the information in this document, having regard to your objectives, financial situation, risk profile and needs and consult your own financial adviser at all times. Investment in financial products involves risk.

Past performance of financial products is no assurance of future performance. The information provided has been obtained from sources deemed reliable but is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness.

Message from John

I believe that there is a time to buy and a time to sell. As such, I strongly suggest investors to exercise discipline and patience to buy/sell at the anticipated turning points.

This Gold Silver Wall St monthly newsletter is specially designed for investors who are eyeing on longer time frame of investment. It focuses more on the major move. Big money is made on the major move. If we catch the major move, we will let the profits run and at the same time, we will apply trailing profit stop strategy. Occasionally, I do suggest high probability short term trades which are based on looming short term turning points.

For short term traders (with more experience), never get greedy and try to take profits whenever you can and you must exercise your own strict risk management.

For longer term trades (act on major move), generally, I would suggest more specific entry, exit points with stop loss and profits stop. However, for inexperienced traders or investors, if you need any guidelines about stop loss and position sizing, please do not hesitate to write to me.

At all times, you must exercise your risk control (profit stop, stop loss, position sizing etc) pertaining to any trades.

I suggest you to read my short daily newsletters (published at least 2 times a week) and weekly report regularly to keep informed because market behaviour can change quickly and get you caught flat-footed. Urgent market alert or update will be sent out when necessary. Please always check your email inbox regularly.

Monthly report will be delivered to your box during the first week of the new month. Weekly report will be out by Saturday or Sunday, the latest. Daily commentary will be published at least twice a week. Urgent alert and update will be sent out at any time whenever necessary. Time mentioned is always based on Sydney Time, Australia.

I really want to provide my best personal service to you and therefore, I welcome you to shoot me an email if you have any questions. I will reply ASAP.


John Yii