EUROPE is in Turmoil

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As we look around at all economy and war turmoil in the world today, some of us may ask: When is the next great financial crisis?

Greece is broke, and so is many nations of the European Union. A bailout is not the solution but only delay the inevitable.

So, what will happen to EUROUSD and USD? EURO will drop a lot lower in the next 12 months and may completely disappear within the next 3 years as the establishment of EURO is built upon a flawed structural model.

Is US really getting better? Absolutely no! It is just a matter of time, perhaps after 2015, economic decline will rear its ugly head again. USD currently is receiving a boost due to the turmoil in Europe. Much capitals flow back to the shore of US.

In time to come (2017-2022). All economies will collapse because the current Global government debt has reached $400-$500 trillion. This is horrible if you compare this debt to the current global gross domestic product (GDP) which is merely $75 trillion. That's a debt-to-GDP ratio of more than 500 %

You must find out where is the best investment in the next few years. My intermediate term and long term forecast so far have been very accurate and continues to be on the right track. I remain confident with what I see and should be able to suggest the best vehicle to invest for a good return.



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