EUROPE AN UNION Printing More Money

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EURO is in big decline yesterday because ECB starts new round of Q.E. –print billions of EURO trying to save the ailing economy. As forecasted in my E-book, Europe would face another economy crisis in 2014 and now is happening. Japan was in big trouble last year and already one step ahead of Europe to print trillion to stimulate the economy.


Who is next in line for more money printing? U.S.A

But U.S is getting the benefits now as international capitals continue to flow into U.S and that is why USD keeps on rising and now is on major breakout for new primary uptrend. But, that won’t last as U.S will print more money again as it faces severe debt crisis in 2016-2017 and global economic decline which may start late next year. USD will be in economic trouble too but for the next 20 months, enjoy the ride in USD

Specifically, at ECB”s policy meeting today, Mario Draghi announced:
* lowered the benchmark refinancing rate to 0.05 percent from 0.15 percent
* lowered the euro area's deposit rate to negative 0.2 percent from negative 0.1 percent.
* Draghi announced plans to buy asset-backed securities and covered bonds.
The announcement is significant, and will pave the way for more rise in stock markets in the next 20 months

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