EURO is Crushed and Doomed!

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The following chart was sent to the paid-members right before they occur.

USD index completed Wave 4 ABCDE correction and we saw sharp upward trust above 96 on wave 5. EUROUSD took the opposite path testing 1.0537 soon. Possible capitulation mid-week next week.

EU is trying to save the economy and the partnership but they will divorce one another within the next 2-3 years. Let’s see and wait!

See Chart below



The potential interest rates hike is unnerving investors. The Federal Reserve’s ultra-low-rate policy since GFC2008, has caused companies to borrow cheaply and has made stocks more appealing relative to bonds by pushing bond yields lower.

The potential rate hike is likely to push up the value of the dollar even more, possible up to 1.20 by the end of the year.Though a strong dollar sounds good, it can hurt American companies by making their goods costlier for foreigners and shrinking the value of profits the companies make overseas.

The following accurate forecast based on the long term charts (EURO) were posted on my website a few months ago before they actually occur.




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