Economic ICE Age In Europe Japan U.S.

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Economic Ice Age

If it is going to happen in Down-under, Australia –A land of opportunity with tons of resources in the ground, then start to think seriously about the current situation in the global state of economy. Are we in the beginning of the economic ice age? I want to tell you Europe is still in serious trouble (something is brewing which will be bigger than 2008 GFC) and many European countries (Southern counterparts) are experiencing  unprecedented modern high unemployment that will go on for many more years to come. Soon, civil unrest will be widespread.

Economic Trouble in Australia


Interest rates in Portugal have jumped to 8% and will continue to escalate higher. Austria are experiencing banking crisis and has closed 25% of all the branches of their bank. Portugal is near to bankruptcy and may be forced into outright default. Unemployment in Spain is 17% and Spain is experiencing 27% (youth is almost 40%). Even the mighty German banks are showing some signs of banking crisis – just a matter of time.

As long as the politicians think that they are in full control ( protect their own interests) and are not willing to change for the sake of better policy to protect their citizens, Europe will be the first one to fall into economic ice age followed by Japan and USA.

Read the following article -

Biggest trouble in Spain, Cyprus, Greece


Get ready to prepare and protect your assets. It is still not too late if you start now.

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