DOW – Risk of ‘Flash Crash’ 2015-2016 Part 1

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For information –hope you all read if you hold too many stocks.

Can we have a stock market crash this year like 2008 ? German Stock Index DAX), Nikkei, ASX, DOW all hitting higher and higher despite a lousy economy. It seems that it is so easy to make money from all these markets once again.

I have been bullish on stock markets since 2011 and now we are near to my prediction for May 2016-2017 Cycle Top before the market crash. But can we see some drastic crash earlier in September-October 2015 rather than 2016 or 2017?

Possible crash in September-October 2015? I am sure you have read my last month newsletter talking about ‘Shemitah’ event which may fall in line with market crash. Based on historical data and events, it may be possible.

Normally I ignore public ‘prophecies’ but this is Interesting (quite in line with my Stock Cycle forecast based on historical data, patterns etc) and good reminder to what I do for living. Watch below – short video

I am not trying to scare you. In any case, just be alert – (not saying that it MUST happen). This is possible:
1. We might have a ‘flash crash’ about 15-20% sometimes this year but will head higher- a lot higher by early 2017 before the historic crash.
2. We may have a 40--50% ‘mother of all stock market crashes’ in early 2017 based on 17 Years Cycle Pattern
3. Gold and Silver will hit $900-$1000 by September-October 2015

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