Dow Jones Explosion. Fed-fueled rally in stock market could run for 2 more years

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Hi Guys, Try to make money ( as much as possible) within this 2 years as I expect stock indices like ASX and DOW continue to run higher due to stimulus money ( from excessive printing). If you can’t make money now and in the next 2 years in stock market, then it will be hard to make money in stock from 2016-2020. Though 2013-2015.75 are good times for stock market but make sure you pay attention to Short term Cycle top and significant correction/ panic plunge along the way.
Dow currently is near to my second projected target and I expect correction is looming in the coming May. However, rally can always be extended ( to July/August) due to irrational human behaviour and that is why Elliot Waves sometime can be an excellent predictive tool. Personally, i am already out of the market ( for short term trading) and is waiting for meaningful “correction time” to buy in again.
2016-2020 is going to be a very bad years for stock market according to my economic analysis and cyclical timing studies. But if you ‘SHORT’ the stock indices like ASX, DOW etc, of course you still can profit in a big way if you know the shorting strategies.  Gold and Silver will reign over stocks during that time. Be patient.
Where to make money in 2016-2020? . Buy ( long ) risk-on assets like gold, silver and Australian Dollar and Sell ( short ) risk-off assets USD and global stock indices like Bond, DOW, SP 500, Nikkei, European indices.
As I mention in my website cover and free ebook ( you can download), Dow Jones will be up and up till September, 2015 before the historic crash...meanwhile enjoy the ride. USD index in short term will pull back and when short term correction is done, it will push over 83. USD is bullish this year and may even continue to 2014. i will re-assess USD in 2014 when time come.
Gold and Silver as you all know ( from MSM) are out of favour ( that is a great news for gold lover if you plan to buy more at lower price or for new investors) and I expect them to plunge further after this technical rebound. This technical upward retracement so far is not that strong. This will present  last opportunity to buy low sometimes this year.
I will cover a bit more “where we are in the stock market” in my next few topic...which phase of the stock market we are in now. Stay tuned!

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