Don’t Simply Trust Any Guru Including Roubini!

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He is not able to cite any reasons for the potential rise of gold to much higher level in the years to come. I think his views are too narrow and biased. I view that gold will need to come down more before it embarks on another bull run. Meanwhile, give more time to gold to work its way up after much needed correction. And enjoy the ride down too. I do agree that equities have some more life in it and as well USD. But be alert with the sudden temporary onset of new big decline at any moment from here.

His pessimistic view on gold

Do you really want to trust him? Look at his bad record:

A great analyst, Nadeem Walayat posted a nice chart (including full citations) of Roubini’s major money-losing calls in 2009:

20130924(2) I’ve come to the conclusion that the only people ignorant enough to defend Roubini are those who accidentally listened to him during the one brief moment he was right (for all the wrong reasons). If you followed his bearish advice in 2005, you would have either missed the entire rally through 2007, or you would have lost money shorting the market. If you would have followed his advice starting on March 9, 2009, you would have lost a ton of money. We should also note that Roubini said Oil would stay below $40 a barrel for all of 2009. Ouch. Anyway, once again, science and facts prove that there are many “gurus” on TV telling the investing public how to invest, yet they cannot beat an ETF.

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There are too many so called-guru (especially famed economists) in the market trying to suck some money out of your pocket by selling the hot newsletters to you. Just think a little bit carefully, if the newsletters (including mine) are able to help you making millions, then you can resign from your works and relax in the beach all days long. NO doubt about it, some newsletters are useful if they are able to guide you along how to maximise your returns by 4 technical analyses-fundamental, technical, cycle timing and sentiment. Unfortunately, there are not many in the market. Just beware of what you buy!

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