Don’t Believe – There is No Biblical Code to make Big Money from stocks

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All the BS stuffs Newsletter start to follow so called Former Pastors to use Biblical code or Bible Characters to increase membership. There is no secret Biblical Code for investments. The bible does contain the Principles and Cycles but no secret Code – don’t be fooled.

It is very sad to learn that so many people even Christians got blinded following nonsense biblical code to create wealth. The Bible talked none other than the Principles of investment. If there is, All Pastors and Christians are super rich, no need to depend on donations to do ministry.

Even Jesus, all Apostles (a few were rich) depended on donations to spread the Gospel

Jesus and all Apostles (as a Man of God) did not have secret code to make money from investment. If they had, they would have passed it on to all Christians. They were sacrificial Men of God. They won’t hide the Code if there is.

Warren Buffet and Sir John Templeton did not have secret Bible code to make money for investment too. Don’t listen to all the nonsense claimed by the former pastors and some newsletter writers.

Only way to make money from investment is hard work gained from acquiring knowledge, good analysis, wisdom and experiences (learned thru mistakes). And Pray for God’s guidance (if you are Christians) and ask for His wisdom and Timing upon us

Mate, there is no biblical code (yes, We have Gann's Master Time factor, Elliot Wave, Dominant Cycles ,even Biblical Principle of Investment  but No Bible Code) – Do not be fooled. Be wise!

I know one American guy, very decent man with his truthful newsletter all the times but also sad to know that recently, he also deviates from his usual style of true honesty...trying to tell people his new system makes heaps and many BS newsletters claiming/ promoting all big wins and hiding/not promoting all big losses.

God Bless all who read this blog. It is written with sincere intention to alert you to do homework to find out whether they are truthful or genuine.


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