Did you lose money in Gold and Stocks?

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GOLD falls to a New, 6-Year Low and The Dollar Climbs to a New, 12-Year High


From my timing model and technical perspective, the weekly chart exhibits two salient aspects:

  1. Continued weakness in gold under $1085 so far breach the exact 50% retracement support zone of the entire 1999-2011 Bull Market.
  2. Price structure, COT and momentum charts all shows three more potential downside targets to $1043, $1033 and $1023 or even lower. But, could it reverses higher now as some indicators are showing bottoming.


Yes, we make very good profits from Gold and USD and all our subscribers are very happy for the whole year in 2015. We focus on shorts 70% all the time with 30% on Long.

Do you lose money in gold and gold stocks since 2011? Did you lose money in the 2008 Global financial crisis?

Are you concerned with your current investment decisions?

My intermediate term and longer term forecast are on the right track since 2013 when I first put all my forecasts on the site. Those who follow my blogs regularly should know that I put my forecast for the public to see well ahead before they were proved correct.

  1. I did say that Gold would continue to slump for the next few years. A few times this year 2015, I predict gold to go down to below 1080 or much lower
  2. I went against most of the so called currency experts to predict the rise and rise of the USD and the collapse of the EURO and AUD
  3. I predicted the 15-20% panic decline of stocks.

Have the tides turn for Gold, USD, Stocks and EURO, ASX and AUD?

Can Gold hit below $1000 in the next few months or has it started the new bull Cycle now as it hit all time low 1052 recently?

Should you be prepared for the collapse of the stocks (DOW, SPX) as claimed by most experts.

What about the demise of USD? Should you start buying EURO and AUD

ASX stocks are seriously underperforms in the last 11 months? Should you jump in now

Based on my Cycle Timing models and mathematical calculations, I can present all the above cases- their future paths to you with positive expectancy and conviction.

You will know (like my happy members) what to expect and when to buy and sell for all of the above markets

Click some of the charts below.

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