Beware Of The Investment Newsletter-Triple-Digit Return

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The following comment made by Mark Hulbert from Marketwatch is an absolute sensible reminder or wake-up call to all potential traders and investors.

“What about all those emails promising triple-digit investment returns? Call me first if you’re inclined to believe any of them — I have a bridge I want to sell you. My Hulbert Financial Digest for more than three decades has been tracking the advisers making those kind of claims, and I can assure you that none — zero — produce triple-digit returns over long periods of time. Even high-double-digit returns are sheer fantasy. Over the last 30 years, for example, the adviser in first place has produced a 13.6% annualized return”

Also, Mark my words: 1.There is no holy grail in any trading system. It never exists. 2. Most so called gurus are not even trading their own money but their investment newsletters business are iron-clad profitable for them. 3. If you can depend on newsletters or so called gurus to make millions for you without your own effort, you are living in a la-la land. Everybody can quit their jobs and follow them 4. Making money needs your own efforts based on 3 P: Passion, Perspiration and Perseverance in regards to what you do. Of course, you can entrust some honest one to help you but again, making big money is not guaranteed…there is always a risk!

Recently, more and more so called gurus are even trying to convince investors (to buy their newsletters) or traders that they make a ton of money by using the BIBLICAL MONEY CODES . Don’t be fooled by such claims. Truly, there are some biblical principles relating to investments but existence of such codes is an absolute nonsense!

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