Are you prepared? Debt Implosion!

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Just a matter of TIME! Sovereign debt crisis is ready to implode!!!

You can’t borrow forever. Confidence crisis is knocking on the door of U.S government

When this happens, we will see explosive upmove in some of the markets. Do you know what are those markets to invest? Do you know that the only way to consistently make money is to get in during the early stage of the new Cycle that we can ride on for 4-8 years.

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Also see the charts below but Read the following report first

Hand Picked news from Market Watch

Congress Wednesday approved a short-term spending bill keeping the government running through Dec. 11, avoiding a government shutdown with little time to spare.

The House voted 277-151 in favor of the bill, which passed the Senate earlier Wednesday in a 78-20 vote. The legislation now heads to President Barack Obama, who is expected to sign it before the government’s current funding expires at midnight.

Although Congress acted in its typical, last-minute fashion, the stopgap spending bill’s passage was anticlimactic on Capitol Hill. Its fate had been certain since last week, when House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) said he would bring a spending bill maintaining current funding levels to the House floor and resign from Congress at the end of October.

Boehner faced political backlash from the most conservative Republicans for bringing a bill to the floor that retained funding for Planned Parenthood and could only pass with the help of Democrats.

Conservatives who had worked to oust Boehner for years had pushed GOP leaders to use the spending bill as leverage in a fight over Planned Parenthood funding, urging them to let the government shutter if necessary. Republican anger toward the women’s health organization has ballooned in the wake of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing fees for procuring fetal tissue for medical researchers. Planned Parenthood officials have said the videos were edited by antiabortion advocates to undermine the group’s work

When debt crisis hit, Bonds will collapse and stocks is exploding upwards.

Click the charts below















































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