About JohnYii

John Yii is the founder of johnyii.com. With over 23 years of trading and investing experience in diverse markets, John is a leading expert in Market cycles and has an abiding passion for the markets like Gold, Silver, ETF, DOW, SPX, NDX, EURO, USD, YEN, ASX, DAX, ASX STOCKS, U.S STOCKS, DAX, NIKKEI, SSEC, OIL.

His understanding and accurate application of his own unique Market Cycles actually developed from the intensive studies of the work of W.D. Gann’s methodology from 3 different experts Ken Gerber (www.wdgann.com), David Bowden (Safety in the market, Australia) and Bai Z Wong (Hong Kong, author of Gann’s analysis published in Chinese). He have also learned Charles Lindsay’s ABCD methodology and also self-studied the works of RN Elliot (Elliot Wave), Bradley Cowan, Stan Harley (Fibonacci derivation) and other cycle timing models like Donald Bradley’s model.

John is a retired Civil Engineer. In 2004, he was awarded with a Diploma of Financial Services. He worked briefly for 2 brokers in Sydney but he never liked what he experienced there because he could not remain 100% independent in his investment research or ideas.

In 2005, by Grace of God, he discovered his own powerful methodology called H3M+++ (Hidden Money Momentum trading system) to detect the flow of the smart money. Smart money always win in the end!

He made and lost money during his trading and investing career, and those successes and losses have taught him about the critical importance of combining Cycle Timing, Fundamental, Technical and sentiment analysis to CONSISTENTLY making good return or profits with strict discipline, money and risks management. Today, he has proved it!

Over the years, John has successfully used Fundamental, Technical and Cyclical Timing and Sentiment Analysis to predict major market trends especially gold and silver, USD and SPX, DOW.  He correctly predicted the beginning of the gold-silver market bull in 2001 and subsequently correctly predict the peak of gold and silver in 2011 and thereafter correction and consolidation. He believes we are extremely close to the buy of the century in gold (Refers to his weekly update).

He always told members that NOBODY is a GURU and can’t be right all the time in any prediction. To avoid such shortfalls, he believes in proactive monitoring of markets to make necessary adjustments (if warranted) with POSITIVE EXPECTANCY and CONVICTION to ride the trend Up or Down. That is how he make monies consistently