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You are cordially invited to my seminar which is to be held next Saturday 14th September. As seat is only limited to 40, please register as soon as possible. Registration is simple, just reply this email ( with your telephone contact) or call me

3.5 hr FREE SEMINAR- Seats Limited. It is very different from normal seminar. Also come and get your 2 Free Reports


Let’s the 20 years veteran trader/investor, John Yii (www.johnyii.com) teaches you:

1. How to make good money ( from trading & investing) in stocks, gold silver, indices in good time and in bad time with his unique H3M ( Hidden money momentum method–smart money) & Timing Cycle analysis.

2. The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History October 2013-2023. He will explain why!

3. Why trading and investing in Stocks, property, gold and Silver are basically the same if you know how to do it

4. Maximise investment return Via Market cycle timing ( with 3 other analyses)

5. When is the next market crash ?

Find out:

  • Why you can make easier money now and for the next 2 years! You need only a small capital to start with.
  • How you can trade/invest for living
  • Why most traders are losing money. Let’s John helps you to see trading and investing in new dimension.
  • Why investing in shares and property is basically the same. John will show you why you need to diversify.
  • Let’s John shows you how to trade for profits consistently
  • How to use H3m ( developed by John) to detect the smart money to make quick profits ( 1-10 days trade). The only trading method available in the market.
  • How John can share with you about the market direction and how to overcome fear of getting trapped or smashed in the market crash
  • Will ASX stocks keep rising and its index hit 6500 or beyond in the next 2 years? Will Dow Jones hit 20000 or beyond in the next 2 years?
  • Which red-hot gold silver stocks and banks stocks or cheap resources stocks (oil and gas) to buy from rock bottom.
  • Will stock markets crash again? When is the next historic crash? Will 2008 GFC repeat again?
  • How you can profit by trading and investing in “Long and Short” direction? Buy and hold is dead!
  • Is Gold & Silver bull dead? Will Gold sky-rocket $5000 or over and Silver hit historic high at $150 in the future
  • Will AUD drop drop below 88 and USD rally to new high over 85 by early 2014
  • Why most traders are losing money. Why you should come to see why John is different and able to guide you on the right track
  • Why when and how to buy gold and Silver?
  • See how to make big money from the early trend in the major move. Learn ‘There is a time to buy and a time to sell’.
  • How to use fundamental, technical and cycle timing analysis to trade and invest for short term and medium term
  • Want to learn the secrets or easier way to make money?

* Give yourself a chance to find out why John is different and able to help you. Don’t miss this opportunity

* Gift: 2 free reports: 1. Making good money consistently by trading or investing. 2. Why you must own (buy)gold and silver

Date & Time Of Seminar: 14th September – 9am-12.30pm

Venue Of Seminar: Wests Ashfield – Grenache room, Level 2, 115 Liverpool Road, Ashfield

Call to register: 0407297098 or 0401680333 or info@johnyii.com

Note: Only 40 seats available due to the size of the room. First come first served

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