25/03 2014 Tuesday market update

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25/03 2014 Tuesday market update

DOW/WALL ST: Consolidation but peak may be at hand

Will we get a real Turning point based on Bradley model for March 22nd (for Monday 24th), and a Phi mate turn date scheduled for March 28th. Gann’s 30 degree is right on 28th March. The convergence or proximity of these 3 cycle turn may indicate a strong trend that may begin soon. Question is a low point or a high point around these dates?

Nasdaq seems breaking down and will others follow soon?


Aggressive trader (1-5 days): Hold SP short entry at 1875 or higher but take profit around 1790-1810.

Conservative trader (Major trade): Wait to short

GOLD SILVER: As expected, the short term trend is continuing to go down


Aggressive trader (1-5 days): Wait to buy at 1280 or lower

Conservative trader (Major trade): Wait now to buy around 1260-80

ASX: Trend is neutral but Following DOW ACTION

Aggressive trader (1-5 days) : 1. Hold FMG short 5.05-5.15 2. Hold BDR and SLR. SLR. Hold ASX short

Conservative trader (Major trade): 1. Hold FMG short from 5.17. 2. Hold BDR and SLR for longer term– depends on Gold/Silver price

NOTE Major trade need WAITING ( major account) with wider stop loss. Aggressive ( small account) is for quick trading only. Allocate 70% to major trade and 30% to quick trade.



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