2 Days Seminar on 28-29 November 2015

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Course Content

Investing and Trading Seminar

(Using practical Case studies (Gold, SPX, USD, EUROUSD and Stocks)

Course duration: 8.30am –4.30pm (12.30-1.30 break)

Date: 28-29 November 2015

Venue: FP conference room


 BIG TREND MAKE BIG MONEY. You only need one life-time Opportunity

  1. Why The BIG TREND? It comes only every 4-8 years Cycle
  2. How to determine the big trend and make use of big trend to make BIG MONIES?
  3. How to RIDE THE BIG TREND UP in order to make BIG MONEY (for early retirement)
  4. Trading Vs Investing. Which one is better? (After listening to my experiences , your perception and approach may change completely)


4 Elements of Analysis - How to effectively Time the entry and exit on different Time frame- Short Term, Intermediate and longer term

Time or Turning Point

  1. Why Time is the key to invest/trade successfully
  2. How to use Time to trade/invest successfully
  3. How to calculate/determine Time Convergence or Turning point. Using Phi Ratio,   Gann’s, Common Dominant Cycles, Fibo derivation, etc

Technical Analysis

  1. Price convergence in Terms of Support and Resistance
  2. How do they line up with Time (Turning Point)
  3. Strong Technical Patterns, Waves, and Indicators
  4. How do we start entry and exit when Time and Technical converge

Fundamental Analysis

  1. What should you know? How do build up fundamental knowledge?
  2. How do you line up Fundamental Analysis with Time and Technical

Sentiment Analysis

  1. How to use sentiments (emotion) of the trader to correlate with Entry and Exit in line with Technical, Timing and Fundamental


Trading/Investing Approach

  1. Conviction - Trading / Investing is like playing chess – needs a lot of analytical thoughts and experiences before making the move.

Detailed Analysis (from all angles) and clear strategies (before opening positions) leads to Conviction and Decision

  1. Strategies – Time frame, Position sizing, Scaling in and out
  2. Risks and Money Managements


  1. Stock Trading using H3m+++ (Hidden Money Momentum System –Smart Money)
  2. How to mirror my trades in an effective manner.


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