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New Year 2018 Special Offer -50% off

New Year Special OFFER– 50% off Are you bullish on Gold, Silver and SPX/DOW and even EURO? Will they continue to head higher in 2018? In fact, we are running successive wins in the last 2 months based on our […]

New Bull Cycle in Gold and Silver?

Is it TIME to buy Gold and Silver?  I have been bearish about Gold and Silver for quite a while but start to turn bullish after the reversal from 2017 low at 1238. I believe there is a strong chance […]

Gold Bull Cycle is still not here yet

For traders – The outlook for the price of gold in May is still bearish but based on the short term analysis, gold and silver have hit the interim bottom last week at 1215 and 16.06 respectively. Gold might rebound […]

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